Juana & Wanna by John Pursch


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Almost all of us live a life of unseen insignificant doubting, blessed in more ways than one can remember or even imagine, let alone describe. Nevertheless, we scramble on thoroughfares under flagellation, limping a lung at a time, wending our way down the river Styx, trying to save our oar strokes for the final battle with a three-headed dog named Cerberus. Sure, its in our wildest dreams that heaven's a-waitin', but let's drop the b.s. for just a minute and flash the radiant mirror, lickety-splitenzie or even too cruelly, all in a tea time interlude; namely, that we're dashing' down the road toward elephants and beasts (merely a giant dog with three sets of teeth). Somehow today I only noticed the chess canary. OK, I've fixed the rear, but glommed onto the past, let alone the cat that's out of the bag. What's done is done, sayeth the Iceman. No way to tell what'll happen; eternity could peristyle its way back... To where, or should I say when? I mean, what good's ontology's groan, given that exigency's God has nowhere to go, either. Verily, one might think it'd be cool to be the almighty heap o' mighty meece, but if it came to that, you gotta admit, there wouldn't be anywhere to go, not even Trinidad or Tobago. You may counter that you'd already be everywhere, certainly in Trinidad, and I have to grant you that, but surely you wouldn't be able to leave anywhere, which could become a problem. Suppose you don't like a place, what do you do? Well, you counter, I'd be perfect, so I'd never want to leave a place; also I'd be beyond the whole idea of travel, since I'm always wherever there is. Pluperfect, omnipresent, all-powerful... A fine situation, to say the least. Still, if you're all-powerful, you ought to be able to leave a locus whenever you wanna.

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