Nano Uber Alter Bot by AE Reiff

Taking liberty to reinvent the head, the frog body was a farm to produce the foot. Cabbage livers, tomato hearts, brussel sprout eyes, honeydew nan-opoly fed morphic freedom up the nose. Nano-anatomies, porcelain teeth, diamond bones, gelatin eyelid monitors, how does it feel to be one of the beautiful people? They all listened to the Beatles. Nano vs. polymer in a vision once I saw. It was a biological injectable polymer with a 1200 IQ—Nano Uber Alter botBye, bye homo sap. Extremeophile biologists testing, one two three,
super bug, super man
coming  to caverns
measureless to man
down to a sunless sea.

Down at Camp Funston they found Spanish flu and a potato from Mars. Of two minds, holes were drilled in both. But again, some did not have heads. It’s the old half remarkable question, what’s at the base of the skull and what is that we are? A flying hat searched for answers and landed on this moon:NeuschwabenKammler! Ufo: hup, hup: Hans yup: Star Chyld!

Raeleans rolled silver dollars across the floor. They only looked like heads. Biological contact with Sagan, Obermacher Serbottendorff found the spear! Myth became history, history fact, fact myth. They began to eat each other. Sagan, Sagan on the wall who’s the most transhumanist of all? QED folded. War crime  research embryos called Dr. GraefenbergPlease come to the waiting room. Driven to extinction,hungerhauser death made possible  Dwight BabyNauer. Measureless nano-lobot suction cups were planted in his head.

No longer human means changes in phenotypes of children in generations of a different gene. Animals long ago imagined this myth. Kafa's Mouse Singer burgeoned  with human brain cells, except it was no mouse. No mouse or man? The man who kneels before the obelisk, is that a man? The charm of Kafka  sullied now with human plus, to protect native species wants laws, a “debate” on animals with human blood. They wanted to make “a mouse speak, a monkey with Down’s Syndrome plead, dogs with human hands or feet,” run.  

A new artist builds monkey in a cat, a cow in a monkey, a spider in a goat, a flounder in a tomato, sheep and goats, not death in life, as Coleridge said, but breasts  growing in jars at the Whitney Museum, a rabbit with the head of a jellyfish that glows in the dark, pairs of lizards grafted on earlobes, tongues as eyes speak. It made the elves jealous to learn the new Turnspiel, whole assembly lines turned out to see what they did to pets.

Unthinkable battery packs for Ubermensch, closed circuit cockroach soldiers who hear and see like a dog. This headless frog extreme biologists made to mine its body parts, was to make man immortal with new art. Microscopic injectable viruses cloned the generic cell. Bird flu applied for that old Kiebsiella planticola, to kill the past, oddly not dead, but waiting to be revived. Plantosaurus maximus pentithicatus rex for those who ingénue Latin, or Pyrocanthus rex for those who love the headless man whose head had been transplanted.

Human makeover in The Hybrid Age crouched in little robots and promised perfect health. Isn’t that attractive to grads who took out mortgages on the transhuman mouse? The Age was an UBU event. As Air Forces pulled the wool over  kids’ eyes, who thought they were superior for being wise, they bought the hooker whole, instead were on the cutting board, thought they would be treated thus but instead weretreated like this. All rise! Worship at the Capitol dome, kids. Kneel!
So if you think you’d like to be a dog or planet patch, hybrids can easily find out  how much artificial intelligence you lack. Do Not Exceed your capacity. Consciousness pretends to arrest the development of Terence McKenna, a youth who died at 54. His indefinite mind expansionscontacted consciousness like they do at the Sophia Project, numbing in the trank.

That’s why the metaphor of the age is a Severed Head. But much more, you have to want to give.
When Mr. Goar said this head had been “transplanted to someone’s empty neck,” did he know it was the new order of the starchitect? He said that neck was empty, circular, inviting hats, skipping about a circle looking for chairs. There’s Filostrato strapped to a machine.Lewis took that off Chaucer and slobberers who drool took A Trip to the Heavenlies. So many heads so little time, the artilect gone quite mad. Brain cells cut off from nature, no wonder he’s afraid to leave his cell.  Materialize them proper! We sent a book to space, to greet the Shiners in:

When the etheric mold of humans breaks
And madness seizes the sane, these rulers,
Imprisoned mentally by the thought they make
Of Nazi earth, will call it the Aquarian Age.

The Woman in the Wilderness

So Behind the Mirror and in the Wall, they were coming, do you hear the roar? Coming as buildings fall and giants eat people in The Hobbit and Narnia, Odyssey, Icelandic sagas, Rubens, Goya, Wagner's Niblung's Ring (See Shaw, The Perfect Wagnerite), in Das Rhine Gold as much as Babylon's Moloch, always a blind, a mask, as much as the lust of the sons of god for the daughters of men that got the whole thing goin’. They don't want the woman. They want her child! You knew that! 

Giants hunger for something besides flesh, but they’ll take it. Mind is what they monster, what blood is all about, the gene!  In feedlot libraries and slaughterhouse universities, what is consumed is not merely seen.Blood sacrifices to giants are not about one specific life but all human life, which is why they’re taking the child. TransTitan, a head of the many-headed beast, wants immortality by any means, including human extinction. To them the H, the human, is vestigial. They reason this as Saturn.

Saturn didn’t eat children out of malice, but because he wanted to feel better: "a  bronze statute of Chronos,  palms upward inclined toward the ground so  the child put on them rolled down in a pit full of fire" (Diodorus Siculus, also Plutarch of the Phoenicians). Saturn is the Chronos of Moloch. Many gods, many names.

 Children were sacrificed to Moloch and animals "devoted" to Moloch. What an honor, Tanith, here and here

Ban of the Bori,
lizard shaped among the Hausa,
mail order Russian brides,
passing through the fire,
 firewalking, abortion, child killing sacrifice,
Monster M-Machine

swallowing workers, Fritz Lange, Cabiri, Jeremiah 7.31,  “to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire,” Leviticus 20.2:  Every time children were placed in hands of the priests of Moloch they gave them to Moloch:
 "They are not men but oxen!" the devout exclaimed: "Lord! eat!" and “the priests of Proserpine, complying through terror with the needs of Carthage, muttered the Eleusinian formula," Gustave Flaubert'sSalammbô, found at Carthage and other places in North Africa, and in Sardinia, Malta, and Sicily. In late 1990  possible tophets of cinerary urns containing bones and ashes and votive objects were retrieved from ransacking on the mainland just outside Tyre in the Phoenician homeland.
So evil feels bad about itself, but destruction makes giants feel better, who eat for what the minions call cremation of care, to purge by making others suffer. We think the way to feel better is to help. Inversion of the expected is all the better to eat. Screams of terror nourish Moloch and Dick.

To understand guilt, nobody knows the horror like Goya in his Black paintings at Quinta del Sordo (Villa of the Deaf Man).  "Various interpretations of Saturn devouring  ...," analysts go on and on about evil but are no closer to finding it out because the only way to understand is to become the raging heart with a placid face. If you become you understand, but then you need to purge. No closer to understanding, parents sacrificed their children on braziers. It would be as if  patrons came to Goya's dining room and ate each other in front of the paintings.

Ginsburg did not say Moloch was an endogenous door whose monuments and domes spurt seed into governments to take over presidents. That was done in plain sight so newspapers could disreport. Giant Moloch, symbol of giants extinct from Egypt, Moloch the Swell of Babylon: Moloch: “Ashcans and unobtainable dollars! Congress of sorrows! Moloch whose buildings are judgment! Moloch whose blood is running money! Moloch whose name is the Mind  ... moloch whose 'apartments stand In the streets like lonely endless crazy genlusses and spectral goliath whose names Is America Moloch...,” guilt, pain, anguish gone up in sacrifice. Devoted god in the shape of an owl that swallowed the care of George Bush.
Otto Eissfeldt said “immanence,”  “emanation,” “dialectical materialism” dress up old Moloch, massacre of innocence, the wife of Baal, Asherah and the wife of Molech, Ashteroth, the same  goddess, veiled in allegory, but symbols of the Faerie Queene too, Orgoglio and men turned beasts, a new discovery of Guiana where gold as big as the head of a child counterfeited the pleasure of death, a grape as a ruby or emerald gold, a perversion of nature made immortal by sucking the life, “now turned to figures hideous, / According to their minds like monstrous.” Death naked in the fountain as a naked poison fruit where Tantalus reached and Mammon/Moloch loosed its hair to cover the body in gold. Not the silver apples of the moon, the golden apples of the sun, these apples where nothing was real (“Strawberry Fields,” the Beatles again) were perfumed airs, silver rivers, enameled meadows.

Such events come to fruition in bits. Some say they have arrived, some, have a decade or more, four, millennia, who knows?  No history yet of gigadeath. Inquiry will boggle belief in the light of  pleasures, meals, comforts we  disbelieve.

So to make clear,  several texts and subtexts understand this Equation asThe Four, call them Transhuman Horsemen.  

1. Biological hybrids,
2. Contact with the other world,
3. Resurrecting the DNA past of extinct species,
4. The trillion, trillion artificial Singletary brain.

Mix in a political reordering of government by "constructive chaos," a doctrine unto itself and implement with revived architecture of Egyptian myth as a New Order sanctioned by a goat, founded with mechanisms of scapegoat, thought goats and child sacrifice to Moloch to subvert and disturb.

The purpose of this is to contradict the one supreme human reality, the relation of the man, woman and child. To destroy the human genome, to betray the wedding of the humans and their children, a fantastic symbolic  intercourse from Egypt to bring back a defeated god. 

Tolkien said that “the dragon had the trade-mark Of Faerie written plain upon him. In whatever world he had his being it was an Other-world. Fantasy, the making or glimpsing of Other-worlds, was the heart of the desire of Faerie. I desired dragons with a profound desire. Of course, I in my timid body did not wish to have them in the  neighborhood, intruding into my relatively safe world, in which it was, for instance, possible to read stories in peace of mind, free from fear. But the world that contained even the imagination of Fafnir was richer and more beautiful, at whatever cost of peril. The dweller in the quiet and fertile plains may hear of the tormented hills and the unharvested sea and long for them in his heart. For the heart is hard though the body be soft (Tolkien, “On Fairy Stories,” in Tree and Leaf, 41).

But I think this has gone beyond Tolkien.

Bio: AE Reiff writes the History Wold Roundup.

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