Two Tessellations by Felino Soriano

Various Tessellations 1
after Albert Ayler’s Bells
or strict ideologies of hands
            whose harm have dissipated                wholly, variant
desolation of the elongated echo
vibratory sensation as finger into
                        swollen memory
                                                collocated reality
burned by noon’s structural habit
against church of neared                      entwining
                  faith then darkened belief
travelling oval contours of
                                                            voluptuous engaging with
                            indifferent monologues of
prose’s achromatic
                                                                                    impulse, extracted. 
Various Tessellations 2
—after Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Profit I
Algebraic queries the
                                                monetary portend
equation’s solitude of hanging afterward
            as the leaf
apparent trilogy of sway                      commands an oddment into
            warp of seasonal excuse, suspend then
wear vein as wrinkled inlay, skeletal crunch displayed by hand of yanking
ornamental apparition.  Who
                                                            leans with hands at grading notion, arrest or freedom at
disciplined intervals?  Halo of stitched deaths, worn
amid nakedness of fear’s prolonged hallway:
eyes of timid torch, lit
                        spoken affirmation of                          the body’s modular                  expedited

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