All About Snouts by Lorna Stallman

Oh what do I see lurking yonder about?
No need to be frightened. It’s only a snout.
So what is a snout and what does it do?
Do I have a snout? And what about you?

A snout is that thing sticking out from your face.
From what I can see it’s in just the right place.
Straight up from your lips is where your snout lies.
In front of your ears and down from your eyes.

A snout can be short. A snout can be long.
A snout is a snout; there’s no right or wrong.
Some snouts live in caves. Some swim in the sea.
Some soar in the sky. Some hide in a tree.

There are snouts in the barn and snouts in the ground.
The sniffiest snout is the snout of a hound.
Some snouts blare a trumpet. Some huff a snort.
Some blow out a sneeze. Some come with a wart.
If there were no snouts, then how would we smell
fresh cookies and cakes or sweet caramel?
No chocolate or spice; no hot cherry pies;
no freshly cut grass or clean rain from the skies.

But don’t let it fool you. It’s not always sweet.
It also smells diapers and stinky old feet.
A snout can be big. A snout can be small.
A snout that can smell is the best snout of all!

So what is a snout? Is it fingers or toes?
You’ve figured it out. That’s right, it’s your nose!
Hurray for snouts! Hold them high in the air.
Let’s stand up and shout, “There are snouts everywhere!”

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