Keenan Schott: ADDizzle Meds

Too much milk.
Too many chocolate chip cookies.
No more rhubarb pie.
No more Quetzalcoatl.

I think I saw
But I'm not sure
Was it maybe your mom and sister?
One of them was a golden retriever.
You are a panda.
I wanna fuck you like a panda
(Not at all).
No more nag champa.
No more sugar free Limp Bizquick™.

milk and cookie geyser

No more herky jerky.
No more-
My mom told me it was too late for me to be a castrato.
I tried to prove her wrong
But it was painful
And she was right
(Blood... blood everywhere).

No more hanky panky.
No more psilocybin.
Too much canned asparagus
Too much         Crystal Light Raspberry Tea.

sl>c N QXMKL/S


Now for were that the sun
Too much Scothcy Scotch Scotch,
Too many garlic butter prawns.
No more sticky Tuesday.
No more Salt-n-Peppa flavored Twizzlers.

Arsenio Hall once said
(And I think he was right in saying so)
That Somali pirates SHOULD NOT be allowed to cast votes for
American Idol.
(To me that just makes sense.)
But like I was saying,
Me and Pimp-Leg Larry was jus chillin, stoopin, drinkin forties not doin
shit just hollerin at da honnies passin by when all da sudden some chupacabra lookin muhfucka come from outta nowhere all howlin and droolin blood and shit and goddamn if Pimp-Leg Larry didn't piss his fuckin pants.
I know! Right?

Too much apple juice.
Too many microwave burritos.
No more Chernobyl.
No, more Chernobyl.
No more, Chernobyl.
Bad Chernobyl!
Chernobyl was bad;
I think we can all agree to that.

No more milk.
No more chocolate milk, either.

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