AE Reiff: Nabu! Nabu!

(Thought Goatten Production Notes for Hamagamous Johnny, Read with Caesuras)


Nobody Johnny                                                         [Video: In cape, al la Frank L. Wright
went up to Coalcrotch house                                                                         capitol bldg
Brothers from the coal pile down had shot a sisters’ spouse.                         Abe Lincoln
Ants stormed the rouse,
mashed Coalcrotch hopes:                                                                              Pearl Harbor
came the Call Hamogamous!                                                              UN security council
Exterminate them ants!                                                               Atom bomb, Otaku            
Nobody made president.                                                       Cockroach dressed as emperor

Nobody donned the Toproach Hat.         Secret initiation, Bohemian Grove, Nimrod Room
Nobody combated wasps.                                                                                           Iran
He placed old Roach Nabucodinosaur upon his head.  Washington Ascending to Heaven
On Blattaria they spoke!                                            Bush on carrier, Shock and Awe
From roofs they wrote the troops!                                                             Coffins from Iraq
Fellow Blatterrans marched with pride                                        Troop march, goose step
Blabu! Blabu! they cried.                                                      Ticker tape parade, NYC]

But this was not the only crux
That drove the cockroach out.
Elders prate when a Coalcrotch saw a shoe it should retreat.
Escape by oversight, dodge left or right!
The average shoe gives time!
But Johnny called the plan outworn,
Johnny, “the shoes have grown!”

Those leaders heeded a Coalcrotch brain
E’en bigger than their own.
It swarmed a change, then won the prize,
High heel in back of the shoe!
He broke it down at MacCoalcrotch Town
“Not left o right go down!”
A. New.  Day. Dawned.


Congress lunched as Johnny told
The high place in front of the heel.
Nymphs chanted as Johnny revealed
“no left o right, go down!”
Congress rose up! Critical mass!
Here was a roach with theories to match
They passed the law that day and marched them home.

From the kitchen wings they flapped,
Soared like Coalcrotches from space,
Johnny saw a Bigfoot them and flew toward the battle place.
Victory to the symbiont!
Johnny made a beautiful move!
Safe in the high place! Johnny! Johnny!
But stop! Look out! The heel!

Strum Sewer that day slammed
them all between the eyes.
El Presidente muert, it said,
Congress assembled like flies.
Coalrathie Lost… the story told
how Johnny brought peace for the roach…
Hurt under his cup dreaming health care passed…
Breaking new ground that silver spade…
Made a sharp thrust in his back!
Johnny dreamed the bill was law
And it killed him. THAT’S ALL!


The Laurel Roach made ready then                                                 
 to sit on a heroes brow.           
Strum Sewer lay with the front page news                                          
On the stoop beside the towel.
In the bathtub where the funeral was held
for the Nabu leader who died,
Rolls of Coalcrotch crammed them in,                                                 
Nabu! Nabu!  They cried.

Many a Thatched Oothecan        hung on the humid wall
A Coalcrotch in Black came forward and spoke:


Fellow CoalCrotchians  we come,        [Holds Nose]
to honor in  behalf,
Remembering with willingness,
Praise Johnny in his death!
Let each one now perform his part,
and sing in praise of Johnny’s heart,
And take…this…step to
welcome our Johnny home.    
Notes for production: Johnny Cash orchestration. High place, heel, Gen 3.15, Nebuchadnezzar, New Day new frontier, TS Eliot Hollow Men, Teddy Roosevelt, Ruben Dario. Wilhelm Reich cloud buster, book burning. Tesla Tower, SS camps, Hitler, images of 20th century. Franklin Roosevelt fireside chats. Ben Franklin, images from dollar bill. Inside giant Buddha head, space launch. JFK caissons, WW II, Stalin. Solzhenitsyn-Johnny represents  kingdoms of the world: Egypt Babylon, Rome of Psalm 2. In the end these revelations are given while walking down the echoing cement stairwell at the club, a take giving away symbols.               

Bio: AE Reiff exhibits Thought Goattens and other commentaries on the New Folk Sensorial Compound. Escapes are hard pressed to confront by absurdism the nations of commerce, religion, consciousness and art. These headlines pop into the mouth to map the mind. They find themselves indexed here

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