Michael Cooper: gabbling cell

phones pissing out behind Bonaza gift shop on Sahara
street                an albino raven stoops
            on the Rhino’s horn

a black field about them smarts cross
bones               goosestepping in the vomitorium         bent

at the waste                  a young girl crows
ho and the feelawful     goosestepping in

the vomitorium            scale and slizzle                        The lizzard’s third eye
lid        nictitates          swivels goostepping in the vomit         O

rium ash           price slash and lyme        lye whiten this rhyme
goose stepping in the vomitorium                                            sunken
the casino light bulbs flash in sequence from a parched mouth
what did mom seek
among these reels and a crushed cigarette?                               Lipstickt
treasure in the desert new new york skyline scale eyeful tower Luxor death
cult tiny lady liberty get in line please one night only goose stepping 1$
 water bottle vendors misting umbrellas empty dessert trays discarded rib
bone the sexless showgirl goosestepping goosestepping a sphynx without
a riddle middles a Rabi a nun a gambler and a shrew duck duck goose step
ping in the vomitorium
captioned                     and ravenous                draw me closer until  
   the wring is all of us.

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