Sangeeta Suneja: I Am Here for a Reason

The soul has no answers, only questions,
The prayer takes the meekest low
it recedes down the horizon
like a fading Sun
It says so,
I am here for a reason, 
May be just for a season,
for you,
I reach, I do not know where,
to what ends 
loose thread,
a bridge born,
a caged sojourn,
a crumb of bread,
why you read,
what I said,
words travel fast
creating cast,
breaking shells,
A yolk of egg,
brings a life,
The church bells,
go in sync,
in a wink,
to a cosmological constant,
I brim up to a brink,
no spilled drink,
only shadows travel
faster than light
it is not just a kink
I am here for a reason,
I do not know,
If it is known,
do let me know!
Once again
Like a fading Sun,
I set in!

Artwork by the author


  1. Thank you Mr Russell Steur, I am really lucky to be associated with your creative team to bring and blend color of our emotions to share with the readers through my poetry and artwork.

  2. Lovely Poem and art Sangeeta!
    "I reach, I do not know where,
    to what ends
    loose thread,
    a bridge born,
    a caged sojourn,
    an crumb of bread"
    very deep indeed!

  3. Thank you Reena. Kind of you to like and comment, my dear poetess friend.

  4. Superb piece.Great Art Work.Kudos.You are Truly Blessed Dear.

  5. Thank you so much Rajesh, honored my dear friend.


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