Report of Some Events On the Jersey Turnpike by AE Reiff

I was traveling the Jersey Turnpike late from Montauk when off a sideroad I saw this ad:

Who Wants
A Guillotine for the Rooster
Crowing in my Head.

To think anyone would guillotine themselves was a horror of Madam Tussaud. They listed heads on this website, Sir Thomas More.... 

The Montana outback and the side yards of Idaho were where I first saw.

My luckiest shot,
was finding one
abandoned when it wrecked,
like a great beast
brought down from the sky
except it didn’t fly,
it was a boxcar,
albeit  nasty.

I was able to get right close as that Super 8 movie of kids seeing a train wreck, called a zombie train, but I was coming from the other end, investigation not from fiction or fact but art.

I owned an
image of the thing
I could turn
upside down

to shake out the missing parts. The difference between reality and the train is the train seemed both train and beast, animated from within, its cargo death, prisoners manacled, a guillotine at one end. 

I wonder if the guillotine wasn’t added later as designer embellish, overcome with the genius of concocting liquidation of 15 million people in the hasty dead of night all at once. Rocketing down the tracks, hermetically sealed, no cracks in the floors like the Nazi boxcars, shiploads of Chinese guillotines came to our shores, stored at US army bases to enforce the Noahide laws when the constitution was suspended. There was not then the guillotine use for the home that we would all like.

Who wanted guillotine for rooster crowing in their head, or a closet for that stray rooster crowing in the yard? It’s not as though any of this were new, Pol Pot killed 5 mil, Stalin 30 mil, Franco ….

To think somebody would want him enough to guillotine is an honor. To join Sir Thomas More, even if the head is not on a battlement or be a subject of Madame Tussaud: "Tussaud!" the Musical, was a second installment.

1. Report of Some Events On the Jersey Turnpike

Some of you will think this report of our chief informant, renegade psychiatrist Dr. Edmund Lockerbie, as suspicious because he worked for all the concerned parties in question, but went missing during a disruption by the Falun Gong in several parts of town. That disturbance itself was suspicious. Somehow he threw his captors off and escaped from the compound from which nobody is supposed to emerge. His Report itself concerns both aspects of religion and government so nefarious as to make difficult comprehension. We put it out in the bits and spurts found among his tapes made while on the run.

It’s difficult to understand reports of 40 foot cargo containers with shackles and a guillotine at either end, or to recommend any of it be believed. He says you can see these yourself at the Beech Grove Amtrak death camp, should you be going to Indiana. FEMA camps themselves were prominent in his report, at the top of the list compared with new coliseums of lions roaring, chariots rumbling, people screaming of the usual stripe. Whether they were martyrs who oppose the gods, or martyrs as victims, hence the only ones who lift the veil, it was only for a short time, for martyrs don’t last. They were judged insane by the President and the Psychiatrist, who was also so judged by his captors. You can be judged too if you allow seeing the world briefly as a vast war for citizens in the cheap seats, and not infinite and holy as Blake and Ginsburg said, three second subliminal bursts for gold on TV. Mennonites on the floor were the pity of us all. The books of martyrs were full, which St. Stephen saw in the gods and governments together: "You made gods out of stars, worshiped heavenly bodies, had a portable Moloch for your Saturn to carry the idols you worship." [cp. Amos 5:25f] Hey, that's what Sir Stephen Spender said about Berlin!

Higher Ararata functions of art, electromagnetic field support for airport space ships are beside the point, said Dr. Lockerbie. He had readied transport to that other world through pictures of the Denver Murals  seen inside the FEMA Car, like reading a comic book of the Odyssey. Not many have been in one and survived to tell. In shackles, among Guillotines and coffins, he thought he was sure to join Sir Thomas More, whose head presided those months on London Bridge in 1535, which bridge now stands in Lake Havasu, itself lightly regarding deliverance to inspire the millions’ escape of reason behind the facts. But he did escape. Shades of guillotines, boxcars and coffins, Project Endgame, shackles, boxcars loading and unloading, airports, underground bases, it hardly seems a bridge to the peaceful mind.  Anyway, under those circumstances the Psychiatrist revealed to us the Project:

2. Boxcars, Airports, Spaceships and Other

“I was traveling late on the New Jersey Turnpike when I first saw them. My luckiest shot was finding one abandoned after it wrecked. In a false analogy of a beast fallen from the sky, it didn’t fly, it was a boxcar, a pterodactyl of the rails. I got close by reminding myself of the Super 8 kids seeing that zombie train, but coming from the other end. I was investigating neither fiction nor fact but art. Indeed I saw an image of the thing in the underground vaults, turned it up and shook the disbelieving parts out.

Ararat Art as divination is as risky as the difference between reality and film, as anybody can see in the EU parliament and Breugels, or in the Guggenheim and Denver. The FEMA train and beast, animated from within, now filled with paper, originally carried cargo manacled end to end. I tell you the guillotine was later added by its designers as projection, so overcome they must have been at concocting a means to liquidate 15 million. They must have had a market for blood, rocketing down the night tracks hermetically sealed, no cracks in the floors like Nazi boxcars had. Weissmandel, rabbi of Slovenia, cut with a dull blade through the bottom of that boxcar entering Auschwitz and escaped like our Lockerbie.

The government underground did not see that as reason to forgo the home market of guillotine use. Who would not want a guillotine in the closet, they argued, where, when it is not performing its design, a stray rooster could be dealt with, or for cutting cheese, eggs, bread and meat? Not as if any of this was new to Pol Pot, Stalin, Franco. All who want to join the guillotine throng assume the honor of joining Sir Thomas More, as at the hip, even if his head is not yet on the battlement, or be a subject for Madame Tussaud.

One of the first to market these products, our sales dummies mimicked guillotines, death trains, Denver murals, at home and on the road.  A home is not complete without. Hurl the wolf at the deer if you wish. That is how, dawg, you treat people worse. Already St. Stephen saw them rush: “they rushed him and dragged him out of the city to lay their clothes at the feet of a young man.”  You take off your cloak so it doesn’t get blood, fastidious as Mengele, more the government part.

In religion they found Assuaged Care Incorporate in the shrine of Moloch at hospital beds. Millions and millions of human stem cell donors give up their genes, or expropriated fulfilled the double need of assuaging guilt and fulfilling labs. Animals, humans, plants and earth were sated with the illuminate. Idols in every grocery sang with the Falun Gong, “come buy, come and buy,” while their subtext lay pence upon the staring lidless eye. The idols on TV!

To  say this was the product of the gods disbelieved, contradicts. To say that One rules many contradicts, and illustrates why the machine will never think like us living contradictions, no matter what its power. To be or not to be, our constant companion, doubt, faith, belief, unbelief, peace, war, logic, absurd, it’s not just that we are opposite, but contradictorily so. Anyway, if the machine cannot program itself to program itself not, that is, out of existence, it cannot be us. We presume this is good.

Regard the de Garis transhumain as Cogito ergo sum, I doubt therefore I think, Dubity Do. This is also the way of no gods but One, but that One works in such illogical ways as to perfectly communicate to the essence of contradictory man. Law, break law, teleologic ethic suspend,   but natural law as well. This was  the scandal of science, that truth should break laws, for they gave that right only to themselves. No matter. Remember contradiction well. If none, know you are being machined!

3.  Photographing the FEMA Boxcar

Books of martyrs are full of stuff that  happens in train yards. Stephen Spender saw them in post-Weimar Germany, “after you worship Saturn you make a portable Moloch to carry around its gods.”

Analogy to a beast brought down from the sky seems in order, except it doesn’t fly. I came to it from the other end though, not from fiction or fact, but art. I saw an image of the thing and could not resist turning it down and shaking. When I was able to get close it reminded me of that zombie train.

I saw them traveling late on the Jersey Turnpike. Since trailed to Montana and the side yards of Idaho, my luckiest shot was finding one abandoned when it wrecked. This Saturn seemed both train and beast, animated by its cargo within, prisoners manacled in a death train with a guillotine at one end. It sounds like B. Traven. The guillotine must have been added later by designers overcome with that reckless Boxcar Named Desire. Liquidation rocketing down the tracks by night, hermetically sealed, there were no cracks in the floors like Nazis. No Weissmandel snuck out to save his wife.

 If you want to know how I got hip to the train yard of Chinese guillotines stored at US Bases keep the engine running. I won’t be a minute.

The gods had their counterpart among men and government to show how wonderful when they work combined! Among those expendable containers of population reduction and higher consciousness-gathered levels of information about Fusion Centers,  that wrecked boxcar showed evidence of two hundred million plastic grave liners, when only 50 million were needed.  One could hold at least four.  How’s that for planning? How's that for government waste? How will they die? That’s being prepared, all every martyr from Rome and before could hope for, population reduction being a must, which proves that FEMA camps do not exist on Archuleta Mesa, Greenbrier (VIP only) and a hundred plus sites. Neither is there evidence for the 129 Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB) Schneider found in Kansas and Nebraska nor the Ten Sectors that house the Underground Cities below the Residential Centers above.  And if there were it would only be to keep you safe. Neither are these fantasy underground cities staffed with alien and international soldiers. A lot of this material generates from  a lecture by Phil Schneider of May 1995, Underground Bases financed by trillions yearly in black budgets.

As to the involvement of Orion, Sirius or aliens in earth, who you gonna believe? Philer says Eisenhower’s Treaty of 1954 allowed experimentation of “implantation techniques” on humans in exchange for all this technology (interview with Schneider’s wife here). Now we know how Steve Jobs got his Apple, important because it wonderfully elaborates the Mandarin conundrum where the gods give power and control in exchange for one human life to torture forever, (code for adrenal glands and get high). Why don’t they just synthesize? The muse is silent on that, but another caveat, courtesy of Schneider, holds true even as our Sky Station Senators stand at the airport, their middle fingers raised in welcome (which we’re not supposed to be saying by the way, even if you’re hoping it’s Denver). Different teams at different times display on alternate Thursdays.

If Schreiber is credited they should not point up but down. He got in the worst trouble of his life at that Archuleta high plateau when rappelling down the cavern. His wife said, “he peed in his hard hat and threw the pee at the aliens which killed some of them. Many years later I would see a fictional program on TV where aliens were highly allergic to ammonia and would die from it” (here).

Ill equipped as we are for space flight it is heartening to learn that we may yet defend the planet at our feet with the time honored Ed Abbey Defense. He, on first sighting the Grand Canyon: “the first thing I did was urinate off the rim onto a little aspen” (One Life at a Time Please, 124). Research has proved that what is welcome to an aspen is noxious to a grey alder. Beyond the power of uric acid and its weaponization, the question whether distance in time and space matter in suffering to a human onlooker is still worth pursuing, to see whether or not one feels implicated in the fate of another. That is, shall the Chinese Mandarin be executed with impunity by the European for some putative good, merely for the exercise of power, or is that repugnant?

Whether this appears to be a nightmare out of Nazi science where there is no end of sacrifice of the foreigner, the alien, the Mandarin, even those of one’s own party if disenfranchised, it is all for the good of the party in power, established controls, so there is no sense of utilitarianism in the choice, no good for the greatest number. There is good for those in power!

Since these boxcars and their adjuncts are to have claimed from 5/6 to 7/8 of the human population by 2029, I’m not sure who’s reading this. That fate is better anyway than the passenger pigeon, which is not to take lightly the 100,000 missing milk carton children or the 550,000 missing children on the FBI report for 2011. As Denver Mural 2 notes, this is insignificant in comparison  with The Greada Treaty which bought all this technology, though never ratified by Congress.

Cosigners of the GREADA TREATY did not keep their word. Proponents in Cosmic Court argued Great White Father didn’t so what’s to say they should? Iksayhearsay, after promising to turn in lists of humans kidnapped and tortured, glands and brain cells, 6 or 7 million turned up missing. Then they turned to illegal aliens. Immigration didn’t exactly make I Like Ike. You’d have thought he knew better being a general of the Milt-Ind Comp. A bromide sold? Ike and his mere paper against the Military Industrial Complex sold the rest of us. Our comfort was the Manacled Railway Cars, which Nazis made proud, but obsolete. US Steel in its place made better seats for the better life designed for them who knew. You’d think some conspiracy afoot. You’d think a vast image out of spiritual mundi covered my sight. At least the Gunderson cars had side vents!

In consideration of all this a silver lining is due. The manufacture of Manacled Railway Cars revived the boxcar industry from near extinction by cargo trains. Big Steel made seats for 15 million to be hauled to a better life, over 100,000 boxcars in all, good for the economy and good for share holders. It can be seen that there is no giant conspiracy in this, and further, the cars had side vents!

I don’t know if you’re still with us in this Report, but you might know that once a Psychiatrist gets going they don’t easily stop. I tried to tell him there was a tomorrow, but he interrupted me with this:

"You conspiracy people need to get a life, count on that. Even if wind socks are blowing inside double stranded barbed wire fences along railroad tracks from Van Horn to Marfa, it makes a very very very fine house, a childrens’ playground with two cats in the yard, but it has no airport! [you are meant to play these songs as you read!] Has Halliburton got to do everything? Denver Airport too?  No wonder Anubis is on guard. Execution orders are executive orders, enemy POW camps are residential centers, biological pandemics give no excuse. I won’t give the House bill numbers in case of civil unrest. With higher consciousness comes higher crime. Ain’t it wonderful when gods and men work together!”

Nor should one quibble when millions and millions have gone before, given a back to the smitters and cheeks to them that pluck hair. Whatever the outcome, whatever justice outcries rise from blood, we run toward it singing. Look at the installation of the thousand melting men, the 2501 Migrantes, the mass nudes, the tortures of The Fixer, Solzhenitsyn, Guernica, Goya, George Pratt, Find Me A Voice, Paul Ruiz and  Stay off the Jersey Turnpike. Now hit the gas!

Brought to you by your Pithy Tract Diffusion Detention Centers

Bio: AE Reiff  addresses Insight Statutes, The War on Neptune, Opiomes: The Domes,  more or less indexed at Encouragements for Planting during business hours.

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