The Immortal Kurzweil Kaddafi  Cure
You'd never know the transport
of genes from a flea to a mouse
with the glabrous hair of a leaf would cure.

You'd never know these grafted to a pig at a hundred Gs would cure.

You'd think the Seals who took down bin Laden were unaltered.

Animal cruelty done in the name of science for the citizen, oh, oh.

What could be more holy than that?

But the highest highness is the immortal cure.
The Heads just want power for a thousand years, and for the lesser immortals, thousands of those.
 Don't cha'  think you'll be included?

Kurzweil Kaaddafis will live forever, no guarantee,
For steam shovel nanobots  clean the kidney, dredge the blood,
And it's so wonderful to share this cure with *Ted.
His head, with Einstein, set down next to **Yeats,
heads severed from the body text give whatever universe is left to the human,
 by those who are the non. 

Transhuman mon is non.

Four of us freed  happily will live on screen  til Disney comes and the cartoon ends: That's All Folks!

Let exaggeration be acknowledged for what it is. They don't need the whole head, just a swipe of DNA will Make of Yeats a Chimeric Dino-Play.

Pretend The Machine's Human!  Unless you're immortal parts wear out, cannot protect. Escape the planet of predation! How much further do we have to go? Natural selection need not apply space! 

The machine found a way to enter the human race through chimeric mutation!

I mean  in the purest sense Be Farouk Boss.
Who wants to be Quaddafi?  Nero? Why not all?
Who wants to be buttoned down in a lab to see their Kurzweil rise?
All new! All new! The newest implant like a Windows update.
You have to take it so the skin don't fall.
That is not what I meant, not what I meant at all.

People are going to insist on being human for fun
When their head is transplanted to someone’s empty pun.

Following this premise,  lit will have no fute,
Blake will  first join Sky Net to Surveill, Control!
Having trashed the plant and species of space, in order to get more for itself,
the machine will save humanity by Preventing Mutation,
genetically engineer a crazed nonhuman fool.

What a strange new world that has such people in.
Destruction of life landed on the planet
When transgenic mutation destroyed species in a whole new way,
by removal of DNA.

Alexander-Nebuchadnezzar! But remember to biggie the brain.

Remove the DNA and what won't prosper?
Has the machined organ not enslaved the race?
Immortalists give up a wilderness of earth for this
tame Anonymity Garden in a lab where all are the same.

Pretend to be immortal!

* Ted Williams
**How they gonka get Yeats' Head when he's not buried in Yeats' tomb? We can get Yeats’ head right out of his hair! That's what his blue hair is for, saved in all those lockets round the hearts of necks and bottles in the New York DNA bank.
**Common Era /Before Common Era

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