(inspired by book, Little Bee, by Chris Cleave)
by Linda Gamble

She came, escape packed                                       Oil War Rages in Nigeria
in a see- through bag, revealing
now only her once-yellow dress.
Macheted limbs, torched village,
flight of terror locked tightly
beyond memory.

Reborn in captivity,                                                 Essex Asylum Seekers
she studies her jailers,                                            Detained for Years.
lasers her mind, tries on
new eyes, ears, tongue-
invents her new creature
“unnatural halfling”,
face unknown to the moon,
Who must I be here?

But men are everywhere,
the lock strains, bursts at night.                            Rape Common at
Each morning she packs the terror                       Immigrant Detention
away, denies her past, refashions Center
her face. Searches for one to fit.

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