The Planetary Bulldozers Are Coming
Words by AE Reiff
Images by Aeyrie Reiff

Setting:  Placards, photographs come in saloon door.  Customers who can't get away begin revving, grinding noise, winch and roar until the scene cracks like a movie poster ripped from a building showing:

The planetary bulldozers are coming!
Earth movers novae
sound the air
and soot
like the ashes
of rain, ceaseless, untiring.

 Planetary bulldozers are driving
 witless machines into
of streams
where antediluvial soils
will be overturned,

are coming,
 jet engine oceans roar!

Oh what a fruit is the Earth
 to be peeled and spat,
each element
  with a mad cat on its trail.

These are no nightmares,
these no visions.
The moon
will beat down
without an eclipse,

The sun will roll its tongue
for water, Adam
sees in the
 mirror nothing
at all. It's on the Calendar,
hear the machines roar.

The planetary bulldozers
have come to poor
earth. What
 will you do
when the tow truck
stops at your door?


About AE Reiff
AE Reiff wrote A Calendar of Poems. He lives in Poemix to mediate hydrocarbon degradation. Through this bioremediate agency, accelerated so oil droplets cleaved to molecules are small enough for microbes to effectively digest, viz. Alcohol  Ethoxylate (exulate), he transports surfactant to poetry spills. This is  packaged commercially as baby shampoo. Through constant practice of opaque maturation in making mythic plants and animals more surfactant is obtainable at listed sites on

About Aeyrie Reiff
Aeyrie Reiff has exhibited photographs at Sunday at Shemer,  ArtStageSound, the Herberger Theatre  and Western Eye Photography Contest. “Tank” was selected as a purchase award for 2005 and also appeared with “Sunrise”  in Scribendi  that year. He explores the interplay of light on water.

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